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JCM800 simulation plugin now available

Guitarix developer, Hermann Meyer has just announced a new LV2 plugin for the Guitarix LV2 plugin suite, Gxjcm800pre, a JCM800 simulation.

This simulation had previously been available within the Guitarix standalone program but is now also available as an LV2 plugin. The LV2 plugin includes tone, presence and master controls so that the full JCM800 is simulated.

Gxjcm800pre does not include cabinet simulation, so you will have to use an impulse response plugin to do that for you, eg. IR LV2. There are however plans for an LV2 plugin utilizing the standalone Guitarix cabinet simulations.

Edit - GxCabinet, a plugin containing all Guitarix cabinet simulations is now available.

See more details on the Linux Audio Users mailing list.