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Guitarix 0.33.0 released

The Guitarix developers have just announced a new release, version 0.33.0. This release sees a number of new plugins added to the virtual guitar amp simulator. These include -

A new Wah plugin with manual/auto/alien mode and the following emulated wah wah's to select from -

  • Colorsound Wah
  • DallasArbiter Wah
  • Foxx Wah
  • JEN Wah
  • Maestro Boomer Wah
  • Selmer Wah
  • Vox Wah

A new Fuzz section with emulations of the following -

  • Astrotone Fuzz
  • Dunlop Fuzzface
  • Fuzzface Roger Mayer Mods
  • Fuzzface Fuller Mods
  • Foxeylady
  • Hornet
  • Sustainer
  • Muff
  • Screaming Bird
  • Colorsound Tonebender
  • Vintage Fuzzmaster
  • Ruiner
  • Fat Furry Freak
  • Fuzz Drive

and emulations of -

  • LPB-1 Linear power Booster
  • High Frequency Brightener
  • Hogs Foot
  • Dallas Rangemaster
  • Buffer Booster
  • Transistor Buffer
  • Colorsound Overdrive

For further details, check out the announcement over at the Linux Audio Users mailing list.