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New release of Guitarix

Guitarix version 0.34.0 has just been released. One of the most interesting new additions includes the ability to download Guitarix presets directly from, without leaving Guitarix's interface. You will now see a new 'Online' button in the preset selection area of Guitarix. Clicking on this will pop up a window from which you can download presets. Click on whichever preset you wish to download and it will download directly into Guitarix's preset selection area.

This new release also adds the following new plugins and emulations -

  • BOSS OC-2 partial emulation
  • Gx_hogsfoot.lv2 gx_mole.lv2 and gx_rangem.lv2
  • Gx_plugins AxeFace, BassFuzz, Buzz and the Mole
  • Gx_Wah.lv2 plugin
  • Colorsound bass wah plugin emulation
  • Roland Wah add Jen Bass Wah emulation
  • Bitdowner distortion plugin

For full details on this new release, check out the announcement over at Linux Audio.