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Guitarix 0.35 released including much anticipated interface redesign

Guitarix has recently seen a new release, version 0.35. As always there are new plugins and bug fixes but the big news with this release is the overhauled interface, compliments of Markus Schmidt. Markus is also responsible for CALF studio gears plugin design, as well as the DSP of many of it's plugins.  

The default theme for this release is a green theme but it also includes 12 other themes to choose from. These include coloured themes as well as various textured variants.

As well as updating the Guitarix standalone application, Markus has also overhauled the interfaces for many of the Guitarix LV2 plugins.

To see what Guitarix is capable of, check out Sebastian Posch's solo album teaser, in which his guitar parts are tracked entirely using Guitarix.

Further details about this release can be found over at