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Qtractor 0.7.9 - A Snobbier Graviton release

Rui Nuno Capela continues his end of summer release frenzy. This time around he is pushing out Qtractor 0.7.9.

Release highlights include -

  • Audio/MIDI metronome anticipatory offset (new)
  • Current clip highlighting (new)
  • SFZ sample file archive/zip bundling (new)
  • MIDI transpose Reverse tool (new)
  • MIDI (N)RPN running status and NULL support (new)
  • MIDI Controllers catch-up algorithm (fix)
  • MIDI track Instrument menu (fix)
  • JACK shutdown and buffer-size changes (fix)

For full details of the changes in this release, check out

And for those interested in getting started with Qtractor, check out our Qtractor QuickStart guide.