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Guitarix 0.35.2 released

Guitarix 0.35.2 has just been released. The changelog for this release is as follows -

  • add stereo cabinet plugin
  • fix bypass insert jack port with midi CC
  • add menu option to set a midi controller for engine bypass
  • add scroll wheel support to status images
  • switch to use glib-compile-resources instead gdk-pixbuf-csource to include images into libgxw.
  • fix preset switching issue in lv2 amps and cabinet
  • disable midi control for un-loaded plugs
  • add check if LV2 ports are valid
  • fix bug #34
  • fix build issue in Debian #839354 and ARCH

Don't forget to check out lead developer, Hermann Meyer's, collection of LV2 stompbox simulations over at Github. These can be used within Guitarix to compliment it's set of built in simulations and effects.

The latest version of Guitarix can be downloaded over at sourceforge.