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New overdrive stompbox plugin, GxSD1 LV2 released

Hermann Meyer has just released another LV2 plugin, GxSD1. As the name suggests, this is based on the Boss SD1 overdrive pedal.

This is just one of many stompbox emulations that Hermann has been working on lately. He has also set up a github repository with all these plugins, so you no longer have to build them one at a time. Currently this repository contains the following plugins -

  • GxBottleRocket.lv2
  • GxHotBox.lv2
  • GxVBassPreAmp.lv2
  • GxSuppaToneBender.lv2
  • GxHyperion.lv2
  • GxVoodoFuzz.lv2
  • GxSaturator.lv2
  • GxVintageFuzzMaster.lv2
  • GxSuperFuzz.lv2
  • GxVmk2.lv2
  • GxUVox720k.lv2
  • GxSlowGear.lv2
  • GxGuvnor.lv2
  • GxToneMachine.lv2
  • GxSD1.lv2.lv2

You can find the github repository here, where you will also find build instructions.

Details of the GxSD1 release can be found over at linuxmusicians.