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Open Stage Control, v0.17.0 is released, now with MIDI support!

Open Stage Control has just seen the release of v0.17.0. Open Stage Control is a libre desktop OSC bi-directional control surface application built with HTML, JavaScript & CSS and run as a Node / Electron web server that accepts any number of Chrome / Chromium / Electron clients.

The big new feature with this release is that it now supports MIDI in addition to OSC. Documentation for this new feature can be found in the projects documentation.

Other changes in this release include -

  • new /TABS id1 id2 etc osc address to remotely enable tabs
  • remote editing through /EXEC command is now deprecated, use /EDIT and /EDIT_SOFT instead
  • push widgets (and keyboards) not correctly synchronizing each other (with shared widget ids or between different clients)
  • css option now supports css selectors, scoped to the widgets element
  • matrices don't pass css option to their children anymore; subwidgets' indexes are now append to preArgs instead of being prepended.
  • app's title uppercased
  • tabs titles' letter-spacing increased

For those interested in the project, you can try out an online demo of Open Stage Control.

Latest releases can be downloaded over at the projects Github page.