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Two high quality drumkits for DrumGizmo


Through a collaboration with Michael Oswald, Libre Music Production are proud to present two high quality open source drumkits
for DrumGizmo.

Michael has written a tool (DGPatchMaker) in the programming language Haskell to create DrumGizmo drum kits from existing sample libraries, and using that, he has created patches for the free SM Mega Reaper Drumkit and the Salamander kit.

For creating DrumGizmo drumkits from existing samples by hand, there is also a blog entry by Michael. The tool is designed to help with utility functions on repetitive tasks (some libraries contain up to 10 000 samples) and does also various checks to keep the patch consistent.

If there are requests for it, the tool can also be open-sourced, though it is currently a (just-working-good-enough) prototype implementation.

Download links are going here soon...

Download the kits for DrumGizmo including instructions. In the archive you will find a DRUMGIZMO folder, which just has to be copied into the root directory of the downloaded drumkit.

A video demonstrating the first version of the DGPatchMaker editor for DrumDrops drumkits, where the patch creation is done automatically. It is also possible (and for most sample libraries necessary) to do this manually by hand (this was needed for the two kits provided here) as each library has it's own sample structure.

Further free libraries to be envisaged for creation of DrumGizmo patches are the TChackPoum kits, so stay tuned.