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Creating Modular Synths using Ingen and ams-lv2

Ingen is a modular synth that runs under JACK. It uses LADSPA and LV2 plugins for its processing. It can be used to create modular synths by using synth plugin modules.
Ams-lv2 is a set of LV2 plugin ports of the internal modules found in Alsa Modular Synth. Using these plugins, you can create modular synth configurations within Ingen. 
So let's look at some of the basic concepts on how to create a simple synth using these tools. 

Tutorial 1 - Intro

This video is an introduction to modular synthesizers and Ingen.
It starts with presenting what modular synthesizers are and goes into details on how to create a very simple synth.
It presents a few basic modules (VCO, Envelope, VCF) and how to connect them together.
The software used are Ingen and ams-lv2.

Tutorial 2 - Detuning

This video presents phase and detuning to make our synth sound more interesting.
We start by demonstrating what the phase of waves is.
We then show how to use detuning manually and how to use automation with the LFO and FM. Finally we show how to use an Analog Driver.
The software used are Ingen, ams-lv2 and Simple Scope from the x42 plugin suite.


Thanks for watching! You're welcome to ask question below in the comments section, or in the YouTube comments on each video, whichever your preference. Thanks again!
Written by Aurélien Leblond