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I am running Ubuntu/Debian. How do I update to KXStudio without having to do a reinstall?

KXStudio is available as an installable download but its software repositories can also be added to a current installation of Ubuntu (version 14.04 and above) or Debian (Jessie and above). Once you have the repositories enabled, you will have access to a large amount of up-to-date applications and software, a lot of which isn't available in stock versions of Ubuntu or Debian.

Enabling the repositories

Full and up to date details about how to enable the KXStudio repositories can be found over at the KXStudio website. Afterwards, make sure to run -
sudo apt-get update
Now your system is ready to install some packages.

Installing packages

Once you have the KXStudio repositories installed, you will have a larger selection of software to choose from. You can now do one of two things, install individual packages, or else update your system to KXStudio (recommended).
There are two ways to go about updating your system to KXStudio. The first involves installing all of KXStudio available software packages AND updating your desktop environment to KDE, which is the default used in KXStudio. If you want to do this, go to your software center/package manager and install the following packages -
If you would like to install all software packages from KXstudio but keep your existing desktop environment as default (Unity, XFCE, LXDE) you can install the following packages -
For further reading about KXStudio, you can check out the KXStudio manual.
Any official support for KXStudio should be sought from the KXStudio discussion forum over at