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AV Linux 2016 news


Glen McArthur has just posted a preview video of what will become the next release of AV Linux. The upcoming release will be based on a carefully put together version of Debian testing, optimised for use with audio production.

With this release, Glen will be moving away from the 'everything but the kitchen sink' approach and instead will be focusing on providing a very stable base suitable for low latency audio production.

While it will still come with the usual set of popular audio production software, the software choice won't be as extensive out of the box as with previous releases. It will however be compatible with KXStudio's repositories so users can take advantage of a finely tuned distro along with the up to date audio software available from the ever popular KXStudio.

In addition, Glen is also in the process of moving the AV Linux website, where it is currently under construction in advance of the next release.

Those looking for AVL drumkits will also find these hosted at the new domain. Links are as follows -

The blog home:
AV Linux:
AVL Drumkits: