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Ardour 5.4 released

Ardour 5.4 has just been released. The main news with this release is support for Ableton's Push 2 control surface. This control surface is designed to work with, and complement, Ableton Live's clip/scene workflow. Ardour does not currently support this type of workflow so Ardour's support, at least for now, is in relation to mixing, editing and musical performance.

Documentation for Ardour's Push 2 support can be found in Ardour's online manual.

There are also a number of newly exposed lua bindings. They are as follows -

  • PeakMeter
  • Record enable/disable
  • Session.request_play_loop() and Session.get_play_loop()
  • Locations.remove()
  • Plugin controls
  • Glib:build_filename() (for portably constructing paths across platforms)
  • Example scripts to prepare a session for recording, and exporting markers as mp4 chapters

For those interested in delving into Ardour's lua scripting capabilties, documentation for Ardour's lua binding can be found here.

In addition, there are dozens of bug fixes, two of which are major fixes to MIDI.

Check out the official announcement for full details of the changelog for this release.