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Calf Organ

Screen dump: 

Calf Organ is based on a drawbar organ; rather than emulating a specific organ it takes the basic idea and expands on it. You can adjust the harmonic and the waveform of each drawbar, and independently pan and detune them, too. It also has a pair of resonant filters, and three envelopes for modulation, which make it capable of all sorts of synth sounds beyond what you’d expect from an organ.

From the Calf Organ page:

A versatile organ/pad synthesizer, capable of producing many types of sounds:

  • tonewheel organs (up to 9 drawbars)
  • solid state organs (9 independent oscillators with many waveforms to choose from, individual panning, phase shift and detune for each oscillator)
  • strings-like or choir-like pads (thanks to a set of long looped samples generated using padsynth algorithm invented by Nasca Octavian Paul)
  • fat basses and searing leads

The sound from some or all oscillators can be processed using 2 independent (but connectable) filter sections, controlled by up to 3 ADSR envelopes. A vibrato/chorus/phaser section makes the sound more vivid.

Development: Krzysztof Foltman
Sample generation algorythm: Nasca Octavian Paul