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Sound Synthesis: TAL NoizeM4k3r


TAL NoizeM4k3r is a popular and very capable open source synth, with excellent presets and great features. In this small video series, we will take you through the synth's entire interface, explaining what each setting does, and how you can use it to create interesting sounds.

Part 1 - Oscillator Section

In this first video we experiment with various parameters under "synth 1" section: both single and dual oscillator tones (sine, triangle, saw, pulse), oscillator detuning, pulsewidth modulation, sub-oscillator, mono/polyphony, portamento, oscillator sync, FM. Digital delay and chorus 1 on-board effects active throughout.


Part 2 - ADSR, filter cutoff/resonance

This video explores parameters in the "synth 2" section: ADSR envelopes (filter and amplitude), filter cutoff, filter resonance, third (assignable) A-D envelope.


Part 3 - Filter types, Envelope Editor, Effects

In part 3 we take a closer look at filter types, unique Envelope Editor section; effects (Control) section: bit crush, chorus, assignable bends, noise, drive, reverbs (high/lowpass)


Part 4 - Filter types, Envelope Editor, Effects

In the 4th and final part, we go through LFOs: rate, amount, waveshapes (sine, saw, sample-and-hold, etc.), and LFO sync.


Thanks for watching! You're welcome to ask question below in the comments section, or in the YouTube comments on each video, whichever your preference. Thanks again!

Written by briandc