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New Ardour bug fix release available

The Ardour devs have just announced a new bug fix release. This release includes several absolutely vital fixes for bugs could lead to audio and MIDI files being irreversibly deleted from disk. Anyone using earlier versions of Ardour 3.5 are strongly recommended to upgrade.

Along with the few major, and minor fixes, there are also a few new additions, notably new MIDNAM file for Korg Volca series and a new version of Xjadeo, which is used for the video timeline.

New release of Guitarix, including new LV2 plugins

New release of Guitarix, including new LV2 plugins

The Guitarix developers have just announced the release of Guitarix version 0.31.0. For the uninitiated, Guitarix is a tube amplifier simulation for JACK, with an additional mono and a stereo effect rack. Guitarix includes a large list of plugins and also supports LADSPA/LV2 plugins.

This is mainly a bug fix release but it also includes three new LV2 plugins. They are -

GxRoomSimulator (Based on Gardner's room reverberator models)

Qtractor version 0.6.3 is released

Qtractor version 0.6.3 is released

Rui Nuno Capela has just announced a new release of Qtractor, an audio and MIDI multi-track sequencer. The new version, codenamed The Armed Hadron, has a number of new features, including the usual bug fixes.

Release highlights:



MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities . MusE aims to be a complete multitrack virtual studio. It has a comprehensive list of MIDI features and supports LADSPA, DSSI, LV2 and VST plugins.



Ardour is a fully featured audio and MIDI multi-track recording and editing program. Ardour supports LADSPA, LV2 and LinuxVST plugin formats.

Features include powerful anything to anywhere signal routing, video timeline, direct import of freesound files, dedicated monitor section, meterbridge, inline plugin control and extensive export options, including exporting multiple formats at once.


LFO stands for Low-frequency oscillation. The name comes from the fact that it is an electronic signal with a low frequency, which oscillates to create a rhythmic pulse, or wobble. LFO's are common in synths and help vary their sound capabilities.

A number of popular effects are based around low frequency oscillation, namely chorus, vibrato, phasing, flanging and rotary speaker effects.

MIDI keyboard

A MIDI keyboard is a piano-style keyboard used for sending MIDI data to a computer, or other MIDI devices. MIDI keyboards are a type of MIDI controller. You can think of a MIDI keyboard as a dummy keyboard. They don't produce any sounds themselves but rather, via MIDI data, control sounds in other devices, such as a synth on your computer or an external hardware synth.

Image of an M-Audio Keystation keyboard

Recording audio and using MIDI in Ardour 3

This video series features a basic overview of recording and editing audio, plus basic recording and editing of MIDI, using Ardour 3. We start by setting up Ardour and creating a new session. After that, we add MIDI tracks, connect our MIDI keyboard, record, and edit MIDI.

Next we add a few audio tracks and record some short segments of guitar. Finally, we do some basic editing of that recording, and some basic arrangements.

This video uses the following gear and software:



Cadence is a GUI frontend for JACK that allows you to access and manage many of JACK's features. It allows you to choose your audio interface and settings. Cadence comes as part of KXStudio and allows you to run JACK automatically in the background upon login.


MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a protocol that allows various electronic instruments and MIDI software to communicate with each other. The standard MIDI connector (5 pin DIN cable) is used to connect MIDI hardware, although some devices can also send MIDI data via USB cables to computers with MIDI software. MIDI software can also communicate using this data, eg. the MIDI sequencer in a program can send this information to a MIDI plugin.

Image of MIDI in and thru connections


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