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LMP Asks #2: An interview with Hermann Meyer of Guitarix

LMP Asks #2: An interview with Hermann Meyer of Guitarix

In this interview we talk to Hermann Meyer, founder and lead developer of Guitarix, a modular, virtual amplifier for Linux. 

Sidechaining in Ardour 3

Sidechaining in Ardour 3

Ahh, sidechaining! The effect us fans of electronic music fear our partners will discover just how much we actually like, and the effect that makes anti-modern electronic musicians shake from hatred. Sidechaining has many different names (ducking is an additional one), but when I speak of sidechaining, I refer to what’s popularly known as “the cool effect that makes everything pump to the beat in electronic music”. Sidechaining itself though has a pretty wide range of uses outside of just “moar pumpz plx”.

LMP Asks: Eat the apple – an interview with Red Plastic Label

LMP Asks: Eat the apple – an interview with Red Plastic Label

In an old farm near Milan, Italy, live and work the people at Red Plastic Label, a web-based label that produces and promotes her artists using open source software and creative commons licenses. LMP had the opportunity to ask them what they do, how they do it and why.

Who are Red Plastic Label?

Sidechaining in Qtractor using Ducka

Ducking is a special application of sidechaining. In this tutorial we take a track with a kick drum – the sidechain – to "duck" (silence) another track with a pad sound. The sequencer we use is Qtractor, the ducking-plugin is Ducka, from the Arty FX plugin suite.

Content Wish List

The content wish list is a list of articles and tutorials we would like to see on LMP. If you do have knowledge on anything in the list and are considering contributing content, please do contact us.

If you are a new user who is interested in a specific piece of software and would like to see it covered on LMP, please do contact us so we can add it to the wish list. There is also a survey that you could fill out if you would like to tell us more about general content that you would like to see on LMP.

How to contribute to Libre Music Production

As Libre Music Production (LMP) is a community driven project, we need contributions from people like you, the user, to make it successful. The following is a list of areas to which you can contribute.

Articles and Tutorials

A big focus of LMP is providing articles and tutorials, to help users learn how to get the most out of Libre music software. Articles and tutorials can either be in written form, or presented as a video, whichever is your preference.


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