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Ardour 4 is released!

Ardour 4 is released!

Ardour has just seen a new major release, version 4. Since the last release, there have been over 4,000 commits.

Ardour has seen a lot of infrastructure work and now uses a new graphics engine (cairo) for the editor window. You can now also use other audio backends other than JACK, for example you could use ALSA, although JACK is still the recommended backend.

Q-stuff release frenzy

Rui Nuno Capela has been on a pre-LAC2015 release frenzy with his Q-stuff suite of software. In the past week he has released updates for QjackCtl, Qsynth, Qsampler, QmidiNet, QmidiCtl and of course Qtractor. You can find full details about these releases over at

New release of Giada Loop Machine

New release of Giada Loop Machine

Version 0.9.5 of Giada Loop Machine has been released. This version, codename 'Nabla Symbols', has a number of refinements, as well as permanent MIDI mapping.

Carla 2.0 beta4 is here!

Carla 2.0 beta4 is here!

Carla has just seen it's fourth beta release. This release is mostly focused on bug-fixing but there are some interesting new features.

The highlights are:

  • Updated plugin skins
  • New experimental plugins
  • MOD GUI Support

Also of note is a new MIDI sequencer plugin. This is experimental and in it's early stages but it is an interesting addition all the same.

DrumGizmo version released!

The DrumGizmo developers have just pushed out a hot fix release, version This fixes a rather serious bug in the resampling code that would cause sample skewing over the channels when resampling was enabled.

The latest version can be downloaded at

Don't forget you can visit the official DrumGizmo IRC channel at the Freenode network.

Creating a simple synthesizer in Pure Data – Part II

Creating a simple synthesizer in Pure Data – Part II

Part I: A simple synthesizer in Pure Data – Part I

The next steps:

What we are going to do now is to add an ADSR envelope to our synthesizer and then allow it to play more than one note simultaneously.

Fourth beta release of Vee One Suite 0.6.1

Rui Nuno Capela has announced a fourth beta of his Vee One Suite of plugins, which includes an old school polyphonic synthesizer (synthv1), a polyphonic sampler (samplv1) and a drum-kit sampler (drumkv1).

The changelog for this release is as follows -

ZynAddSubFX 2.5.0 is now available

ZynAddSubFX 2.5.0 is now available

The 2.5.0 Release of ZynAddSubFX is now available.

This release is mainly focused on fixing some of the core architectural flaws that have historically existed. As a result this release should behave much better under jack and interfacing with the realtime side of things is much easier now.

For full details, check out fundamental's post over at

DrumGizmo v0.9.8 released

DrumGizmo v0.9.8 released

Drumgizmo v0.9.8 has just been released. Beside the usual minor bug fixes, there has also been a lot of work done on the command line version of Drumgizmo.

New release of ams-lv2 plugins

Aurélien Leblond has just announced version 1.1.0 of ams-lv2, which are LV2 plugin ports of the internal modules found in Alsa Modular Synth.

The two main "features" of this version are:


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